One More Turn
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A Dramedy where geeks
deal with non-geeky problems

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Episode 713: "Checkmate"
The hidden truth of a secret being not well kept comes out into the open.

Runtime: 10m:38s | Filesize: 9.8MB
Release Date: November 03rd, 2021

Season 7 Commentary
Two returning, and one new, voice performer take on topics from series revival to seasons beyond.

Runtime: 128m:05s | Filesize: 117.0MB
Release Date: December 08th, 2021

About Whether towards the court of law (first, second, third), through the court of public opinion (fourth, fifth, sixth) or into the political sphere (seventh), this is a story set in a small town in the near future. It combines comedy and drama to bear witness to ever-changing relationships that intersect family, friend and foe. The personalities of its characters are influenced by their pasts, driven by their performances in the present and are affected by their ambitions for the future. Computer turn-based strategy gamers or not, their success -- or lack thereof -- in and/or out-of-game that is what makes or breaks them.   [more...]

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