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Episode 274: It's All About the Technique
- 01m13s | Open Mic
  Given the present state of Civilization VI's Artificial Intelligence (AI), how can one enjoy its single player experience? Longtime show listener "slo" puts this to the panel in an email.
- 08m36s | Senate
  In the strategy layer for CivVI tackling barbarians approaches, Great People management (19m25s), City States treatment (27m50s), consolidating and connecting the three (41m16s) and if, and when, to promote game units (47m57s; recorded for Episode 272).   [more...]

Runtime: 59m:59s | Filesize: 28.8MB
Release Date: February 11th, 2017
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, MadDjinn, CanusAlbinus

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Episode 80: Still in Progress
Stage set. Snippets from assorted co-operative multiplayer games including:
  Last piece;
  In abdomen;
  Some degree;
  How long; and
  What learned.

Runtime: 09m:59s | Filesize: 04.7MB
Release Date: Febroary 18th, 2017
Players: DarkestOnion; DanQ; WarningU2; Makahlua; AlchemicalDream; Talcove; fuzzyfractal42; dino_yoshi13; CanusAlbinus; AlphaShard; TheMeInTeam; MikeDoubleU; Drusain

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Episode 68: Put Together
- 00m52s | Topic #1
  On pitfalls in the Religion and Tourism mechanics in Civilization V and towards tweaking the game's trade system User Interface (02m50s; recorded for Episode 48).
- 05m28s | Cartography Room
  Much quality to be found amongst a number of the game's user-created civilizations (recorded for Episode 50).
- 08m11s | Code Corner (Part 1 of 2)
  Having City States in CivV produce Settlers for expansion (recorded for Episode 58).
- 13m30s | Miscellaneous (Part 1 of 2)
  A then-update on Anno Domina for Civilization V (recorded for Episode 61).   [more...]

Runtime: 51m:37s | Filesize: 23.6MB
Release Date: January 21st, 2017
Hosts: Rob (R8XFT), TPangolin, Janboruta, AlphaShard [+8 Others]

TRIVIA: Show's first composite episode of archived segments

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