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Targetted towards intermediate to advanced players, ModCast (MC) is designed to first entertain and second inform Civ strategy in an audio format. The aim in so doing is to be energetic and interactive in equal measures. This series is marketed and distributed as a podcast. As defined on Wikipedia, podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files over the Internet using syndication feeds (e.g. RSS for playback on mobile devices and computers). MC productions can be accessed with or without the use of RSS.

ModCast is a bi-monthly, episodic production at ~60 minutes in length apiece. They are delivered in both MP3 and Flash formats though MP3 is the primary distribution means. MP3 copies can be downloaded or streamed; for streaming, an active Internet connection is required. For download listening, Winamp is recommended for use on computers. Assorted portable devices work as well in varying download and streaming combinations. Both 64kbps (high-speed) and 16kbps (dial-up) qualities are available. Flash copies, meanwhile, can only be streamed and are available at 64kbps quality only.

An episode is typically made up of two or more segments including an intro and a closing. Music and sound effects used throughout in whole or in part of all five seasons come from Civilization IV, expansion packs Warlords and Beyond the Sword, and Civilization V though snippets from other sources are occasionally incorporated. MC has standing permission from CivIV/CivV developer Firaxis Games to use this media in this capacity.

ModCast included segments that distinguishes itself from its sibling show PolyCast (PC), while blending even sharing others, in its first through third seasons. The segments that were shared equally were Mailbag which addressed listener feedback, though show-specific feedback was covered accordingly, and Vault where segments archived from earlier episodes found relevance again and are released. The segments that were specific to MC were (alphabetically): Artist Sketchpad on graphics and artwork from the Civ-modding community; Code Corner with CivIV Software Development Kit (SDK), Python and other non-graphic MODs; Modding Spotlight examined a particular CivIV MOD and Cartography Room looked at maps and/or simple scenarios; and Upcoming Mods discussed a particular MOD still in development.

Then there were two blended segments between MC and PC; in other words, they shared some attributes but not all. News which covers recent topical Civilization-related items; on MC, the scope was modding only. The Time Machine looked back at key moments in Civ history. A notable exception to all of this is MC's fourth season which excluded defined segment categories.

Rob (30+ Eps.)
Vice (06+ Eps.)
John (11+ Eps.)
Lee (09+ Eps.)

Each episode follows a routine production regiment as outlined below.

  1. Skype (
Co-hosts connect to and converse via VoIP.
2. MP3 Skype Recorder (
Recordings of conversations. (Quick).
  4. Audacity (
Stream edited and compiled (Riley)
5. Levelator (
Audio volume is normalized (Quick).

PolyCast regular co-host Daniel "DanQ" Quick is this podcast's editor. For every 60 minutes of produced audio, it spends an average of 6-8 hours in editing.

Having one or more guest co-hosts per episode is standard practice on ModCast as it is on PolyCast, a valued carryover from the latter's first season, and RevCast.

Episode 80: "SeelingCat"
Episode 74: "thecrazyscotsman"
Episode 70: "Deliverator"
Episode 66: John "Neirai" den Otter and "Marbozir"
Episode 64: den Otter and Sukrit "Sukritact" Tanticharoenkiat
Episode 62: William "whoward69"
Episode 60: Lee "LeeS" Shipp and "vicevirtuoso"

Episode 58: "FramedArchitect"
Episode 56: Sukrit "Sukritact" Tanticharoenkiat
Episode 52: "JFD"

Episode 48: "FramedArchitect" and Viktor "Thalassicus"
Episode 46: Rich "Cephalo" Marinaccio and "MadDjinn"
Episode 44: Michael "Cyrinno" and Derek "Kael" Paxton
Episode 42: Cameron "Afforess" MacAvoy
Episode 40: Tony "The_Capo" R.

Episode 38: Soren Johnson
Episode 36: "Ekmek"
Episode 30: Paul "Lutefisk_Mafia" Bakken

Episode 28: Kyle "cfkane" Kallgren
Episode 26: Gabriele "Rhye" Travato
Episode 24: Steven "Wolfshanze" Strayer
Episode 22: Bruce "Ambreville" Heard
Episode 20: Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt and Jacob "Xienwolf" Turner

Episode 18: Frank "Fierabras" Straater
Episode 16: Peter "Maniac" Steenbeke
Episode 14: Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt
Episode 12: Dale "Dale" Kent
Episode 10: John "jkp1187" Palcheck

Episode 08: James "NikNaks93" Nicholls

Focus: "Civilization III": Bruce "Blue Monkey" Long, Jonathan "Plotinus" Hill and John "El Justo" O'Neill and Balthasar "Balthasar" Syennisis
Episode 79: "p0kiehl"
Episode 75: "SeelingCat"
Episode 73: Sukrit "Sukritact" Tanticharoenkiat
Episode 65: "Chrisy15" and "senshidenshi"
Episode 63: "COF" and "Typhlomence"
Episode 61: Jeff "Gazebo"

Episode 59: Sukrit "Sukritact" Tanticharoenkiat and Adam "Pouakai" Partridge
Episode 57: John "Neirai" den Otter
Episode 51: Ben "Hiram" Bush

Episode 49: Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk, Derek "Kael" Paxton and "Putmalk"
Episode 47: "Putmalk" and Tyler "Pulvia"
Episode 45: "MadDjinn" and Daniel "Spatzimaus" Hanish
Episode 43: Jorge "Txurce" Saralegui and "Opera"
Episode 41: Jack "Buster's Uncle" Shaver

Episode 39: Shen "stmartin" Tong
Episode 35: Jay "The_J"
Episode 33: Daniel "DanQ" Quick [Cameo]
Episode 31: Duane "Wyz_sub10" Wysynski

Episode 27: Gunnar "Gr3yHound" Bindig
Episode 25: Derek "Kael" Paxton
Episode 23: Tim "ruff_hi" Pratt
Episode 21: John "bt_oz" Archer and Ludwig "JEELEN" Nijholt

Episode 19: John "bt_oz" Archer
Episode 17: David Allen
Episode 13: Blake "Blake" Walsh
Episode 11: Derek "Kael" Paxton

Episode 09: Stephan "seZereth" Weiss
Episode 07: Lukasz "asioasioasio" Mackowiak and Luke "snafusmith" Smith
Episode 05: Steven "esemjay" Jiminez
Episode 01: Daniel "DanQ" Quick [Cameo]

ModCast (MC) is the modding-centric production that launched in January 2008 as the first spin-off of the the strategy-centric PolyCast which itself had begun in October 2006. When the console-centric RevCast was launched in February 2009, it no longer served as the most junior program on the PolyCast network; it is also senior to TurnCast (launched June 2011). Past regular co-hosts are Oscar "Elhoim" Velzi (11 episodes); John "bt_oz" Archer (15 episodes); Tony "GarretSidzaka" Kiehl (41 episodes); Wouter "Locutus" Snijders (33 episodes); Kenneth "Impaler[WrG]" Ferland (38 episodes); Peter "Maniac" Steenbeke (8 episodes); Jacob "xienwolf" Turner (4 episodes); Viktor "Thalassicus" (3 episodes); Kevin "Gilded Duke" Bryan (3 episodes); Mark "Hambil" Ford (2 episodes); Jett "TPangolin" (14 episodes); Jan "Janboruta" Boruta (16 episodes) and Scott "AlphaShard" Dirk (16 episodes).

Its first season ran from January-December 2008 with 24 episodes; its second season the following calendar year also had a 24-episode order, but was unable to meet due to regular panelist availability issues and produced 14 instead. MC's third season was also unable to meet its episode order of 12, instead producing only 4. It was nonetheless renewed for a fourth season for 6 episodes, beginning in July 2011 every month to the end of the calendar year to average out to bi-monthly production; unfortunately, only 4 episodes were yielded during this time. Its fifth season did come about until almost two years later, in June 2013, following the release of the Civilization V source code; it was at this time the show shifted its focus to this Civ title from CivIV. Expecting 6 episodes, regrettably only half that number was realized. MC's sixth season emerged in July 2014 with an intended 4 episode output for the calendar year.


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