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  The Best of Season 11

Episode 300: This. Is. POLYCAST!
- 03m46s | Maki, Phil and Dan
  The regular panelists present discuss what they're most liking, most disliking and next step for play in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.
- 08m01s | "CanusAlbinus" and "Ubermarklar"
  From one who has, and one who has not, yet played said CivVI expansion pack is a breakdown of their first takes.
- 13m08s | "AlphaShard" and "stormtrooper412"
  First impressions of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall from the next pair of recurring guests.
- 24m46s | "Monthar"
  Pros, cons and looking ahead from the first of two guest co-hosts from the show's most previous episode.
- 30m29s | "Drusain"
  Pros, cons and looking ahead from the second of two guest co-hosts from the show's most previous episode.
- 36m22s | Jonah Falcon and Martin Alvito
  Highs, lows and in-betweens lead to varying conversation points including an argument for gamer generational differences to explain varying views.
- 50m22s | "Cartimandua" and "Kingmaker"
  A former regular co-host and her husband, himself a recurring guest, talk about their shared first experiences with Civilization VI: Rise and Fall.
- 64m57s | "MikeDoubleU" and "ZTZaorish"
  Again, a pair of panelists where one has yet to play and who has played CivVI's expansion pack with their first opinions.
- 74m44s | "SempferFi2382"
  The final recurring guest talks about how he and his significant other have been making the most of their first CivVI: RaF play.
- 82m08s | News
  The day before Civilization VI: Rise and Fall's release, its base game was updated leading to conversation here of noteworthy changes.

Runtime: 96m:47s | Filesize: 88.6MB
Release Date: February 20th, 2018
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam [+13 Others]

Episode 299: It's Not All Roses and Unicorns
- 03m05s | News
  An in-depth overview and consideration of the various Civilization VI: Rise and Fall features, starting with Loyalty and Empire Management followed by Governors (11m23s), then Alliances (35m38s), the Emergencies (46m46s) and then the combination of Eras with Dedications and Historic Timeline (57m08s); then, shining the spotlight on Scotland to be included as an official civilization for the first time in the series (65m03s).

Runtime: 79m:17s | Filesize: 72.5MB
Release Date: February 05th, 2018
Hosts: DanQ, Makahlua, TheMeInTeam, Drusain, Monthar


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