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Targetted towards all players, RevCast (RC) is designed to first entertain and second inform Civilization on the console platform in an audio format. The aim in so doing is to be energetic and interactive in equal measures. This series is marketed and distributed as a podcast. As defined on Wikipedia, podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files over the Internet using syndication feeds (e.g. RSS for playback on mobile devices and computers). RC productions can be accessed with or without the use of RSS.

RevCast is a bi-monthly, episodic production at ~30 minutes in length apiece. They are delivered in both MP3 and Flash formats though MP3 is the primary distribution means. MP3 copies can be downloaded or streamed; for streaming, an active Internet connection is required. For download listening, Winamp is recommended for use on computers. Assorted portable devices work as well in varying download and streaming combinations. Both 64kbps (high-speed) and 16kbps (dial-up) qualities are available. Flash copies, meanwhile, can only be streamed and are available at 64kbps quality only.

An episode is typically made up of two or more segments including an intro and a closing. Music and sound effects used throughoutcome from Civilization: Revolution though snippets from other sources are occasionally incorporated. RC has standing permission from CivRev developer Firaxis Games to use this media in this capacity.

Unlike older sibling show PolyCast (PC), yet like older sibling ModCast (MC) and younger sibling TurnCast (TC), RevCast (RC) has no defined segment categories. Elements of a number of segments from PC in particular are blended seamlessly together that creates a topic-to-topic flow without defined labels.

Matt (34+ Eps.)
Scottie (16+ Eps.)
japyaknees (05+ Eps.)

PolyCast regular co-host Daniel "DanQ" Quick is this podcast's editor; for every 30 minutes of produced audio, it spends an average of 4-6 hours in editing.

  1. Skype (
Co-hosts connect to and converse via VoIP.
2A. Audacity (
Co-hosts record their own voice ("feed").
  2B. Pamela (
Backup recording of feeds made. Morgan.
3. FileZilla (
Co-hosts upload their feed.
  4. Audacity (
Feeds combined, edited and compiled (Quick).
5. Levelator (
Combined audio volume is normalized (Quick).

PolyCast regular co-host Daniel "DanQ" Quick is this podcast's editor (as well as on PC). For every 30 minutes of produced audio, it spends an average of 4-6 hours in editing.

- January 26th, 2013
CB "japyakness" is announced as the show's third regular co-host, replacing an absent Mike "dukeblue1987".

- December 14th, 2011
With the departure of "REDAF" from the show, the size of its regular panel returns to three.

- July 13th, 2011
Ty "REDAF" is announced as the show's fourth regular co-host, increasing the size of this panel for the first time.

Having one or more guest co-hosts per episode is standard practice on RevCast as it is on PolyCast, a valued carryover from the latter's first season, and ModCast.

Episode 50: ITZ DENI3D
Episode 44: "japyakness" and Phil "Phillip23"
Episode 42: "japyakness"
Episode 40: Craig "GrizzleyTigers4" and "MultiPlayaBeast"
Episode 34: Gerd "sn1p3rk1ll3" Janssens
Episode 30: "REDAF"
Episode 28: "ScottieX"
Episode 24: "MadDjinn"
Episode 22: Brett "TyShine" Ferguson
Episode 12: Barry Caudill
Episode 10: Matt "elthrasher" Morgan and Grayson "Grayson" Middlebrook
Episode 08: Daniel "DanQ" Quick and Eric "ericball" Ball
Episode 02: John "bt_oz" Archer
Episode 49: ITZ DENI3D
Episode 47: ITZ DENI3D
Episode 39: Craig "GrizzleyTigers4"
Episode 35: Jesus "Hellogoodbye123" Gonzalez
Episode 31: Ty "REDAF"
Episode 29: "Zefelius"
Episode 25: Mike "dukeblue1987"
Episode 23: "MadDjinn"
Episode 19: Rob "the headless 10"
Episode 11: Barry Caudill
Episode 09: Matt "elthrasher" Morgan and Grayson "Grayson" Middlebrook
Episode 07: Daniel "DanQ" Quick and Eric "ericball" Ball
Episode 03: Bruce "Grandpa Troll" Cronkite
Episode 01: Daniel "DanQ" Quick [Cameo]

RevCast (RC) is the console-centric production that launched in February 2009 as the second spin-off of the strategy-centric PolyCast which itself had begun in October 2006. Past regular co-hosts are Annalee "Cartimandua" Barney (6 episodes), Alexander "Alexander" Strub (6 episodes), Joe "joebreeves" Reeves (18 episodes), Grayson "Grayson" Middlebrook (9 episodes), Rob "theheadless 10" (7 episodes), Brett "TyShine" Ferguson (3 episodes), Ty "REDAF" (2 episodes) and Mike "dukeblue1987" (8 episodes).

With modding-centric ModCast having been launched in January 2008, RC is the second youngest program on the PolyCast network ahead of TurnCast (launched June 2011) and SivCast (launched January 2012. Its first season order of 13 episodes during the 2009 calendar year was realized, and then some, with a total of 16 episodes being produced. RC's second season began in January 2010 with a 13-episode order, ultimately yielding 9; the length of each episode was also doubled from ~15 to ~30 minutes. Its third season, which ran from January-December 2011, had a 12-episode order which it fulfilled. The fourth season, which ran throughout the 2012 calendar year, has a 6-episode order and ultimately yielded one more than that. Its fifth season also has a 6-episode order.

- April 30th, 2011
"ScottieX" is announced as the show's third regular co-host.

- February 28th, 2011
Mike "dukeblue1987" is announced as the show's second regular co-host; third regular co-host being sought.

- September 20th, 2010
Brett "TyShine" Ferguson is announced as the show's third regular co-host.

- August 1st, 2010
Matt "elthrasher" Morgan is announced as the show's lead co-host.

- June 9th, 2010
Rob "the headless 10" is announced as the show's third regular co-host; Grayson "Grayson" Middlebrook now lead co-host.

- October 31st, 2009
Grayson "Grayson" Middlebrook and Matt "elthrasher" Morgan are announced as the show's second and third regular co-hosts.

- September 30th, 2009
First episode with developer guest co-host.

- February 11th, 2009
Series existence and first episode goes public.

- December 2008-January 2009
Brainstorming, planning and executing particulars for this show rooted in Civilization: Revolution.


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