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Episode 09: Be All and End All (Part 2)
- 03m41s | Topic #1
  On achievements gotten, and missed out on, in Civilization: World.
- 09m27s | Topic #2
  The importance of getting and staying in contact with fellow players, even when dealing with more... pressing issues.
- 17m54s | Topic #3
  Getting into CivWorld and previous titles in the Civilization series.
- 22m54s | Topic #4
  Fondly recalling the evolution of the in-game economy (recorded for Episode 07).
- 25m12s | Topic #5
  A tale of Civilization: World gold generation strategy connecting Golden Ages and scientific research.
- 27m41s | Topic #6
  Answering the call for game reflections from members of the game's community.

Runtime: 39m:06s | Filesize: 17.9MB
Release Date: June 16th, 2013
Hosts: pawprint42; Angel Ledwich; Josee Gendron; troyd; davec; Dian Mayburn

Episode 08: Be All and End All (Part 1)
- 03m45s | Topic #1
  On the impetus and viability of the notion of crowd funding an effort to purchase the source code to Civilization: World.
- 07m39s | Topic #2
  The perseverance of spam tactics and accounts of last games before the title's shutdown.
- 13m06s | Topic #3
  An account of trying to get a CivWorld game economy to equalize out of its downward spiral (recorded for Episode 07).
- 16m03s | Topic #4
  All on the Mini-Games within the greater game and their powerful influence.
- 19m51s | Topic #5
  The impact of Guilds, inside and outside their circles, and giving credit where credit is due to mentors.
- 27m10s | Topic #6
  Recalling the micromanaged manoeuvres and instruction of Caravaning.

Runtime: 40m:32s | Filesize: 18.5MB
Release Date: June 15th, 2013
Hosts: pawprint42; Angel Ledwich; Josee Gendron; troyd; davec; Dian Mayburn


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