Age of Nations First Machinima 'Rise of Nations' Endeavour and 'Real-Time Strategy' Series
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  • MARSHMALLOW (MARSH) | Light Infantry
  • TRIGGER (TRIG) | Heavy Infantry
  • VIRTU (VEE) | Ranged Attack Infantry
  • PERNAGO | Light Cavalry
  • NUSSANT | Heavy Cavalry
  • CALDEN | Ranged Attack Cavalry



  • ACHILLES | Citizen (Male)
  • HERACLES | Citizen (Male)
  • INTREPID (INTREP) | Explorer
  • JASON (JAY) | Citizen (Male)
  • LOOKOUT | Scout
  • ODYSSEUS (ODY) | Citizen (Male)


  • HATSHEPSUT | Ranged Attack Cavalry
  • TER-WAK-OMEHN | Ranged Attack Cavalry


  • HUGH | Heavy Infantry


  • ABRAHAM (ABE) | Scout


  • CITIZEN #1 | Citizen (Female)
  • LIEUTENANT | Ranged Attack Infantry
  • HEALER | Citizen (Male)
  • LUTHER | Citizen (Male)
  • MAVEN | Citizen (Female)
  • SPICE | Caravan
  • SAYGE | Scholar
  • TIECOON | Merchant
  • WENI | Citizen (Female)


  • NYNETJER | General


  • TARLETON | Light Infantry


  • LEADER | General
  • ZACHARY (ZACK) | Scout


  • SCHOLAR #1 | Citizen (Male)

  • 'Age of Nations' Animated Episodic Dramatic Dossiers      « Characters | Comments | Documentation »    «« About | Guide | Team | Home »»  
      In August of [2005], I started to watch some of the more popular machinima series out there. In terms of genre, most of it was and continues to be focused heavily in the First-Person Shooter (FPS) community. From the research I have conducted so far, I discovered that in the strategy community there have been a few and promising efforts in terms of both number and scope.

      Then as with now, I want to help machinima settle into the mainstream strategy genre. The R[eal-]T[ime] S[trategy (RTS)] variety lends itself well to the nature of this evolving form of storytelling, and I quickly set my sights on Rise of Nations. -- Daniel "DanQ" Quick

      You won't believe how far th[e pilot's] final version has come from its initial stages in DanQ's mind. He truly has been the inspiration and the impetus behind this project[.] Stankarp has been his deft hands[,] working hard to perfect the video from its embryo[nic] phases. -- "DarkCloud"

      I've never contributed to anything like this and I look forward to contributing in future. It is certainly an interesting and fun experience. I hope viewers will like it. I can just say that they shouldn't be concerned with [the] plot unraveling slowly in the beginning. -- Gordon "Illuminatus" Smith

      This is a novel and interesting experience. Before I started... I had never joined two video clips together, or even tried to attach dialogue. Learned quite a few little tricks, but also learned to appreciate how much effort goes into the production of any public video/film. -- Stan "stankarp" Karpinski


      We are making the length and the basic structure details of AoN's anticipated run public upfront for several reasons.

      We want to give our prospective audience a general timeline and idea of where we are going and why. Over the course of roughly five weeks beginning in September, the greater plot movements for the first season were proposed, developed, discussed and decided upon by myself and our writing team. -- Daniel "DanQ" Quick

      Getting the right scenes for the machinima is an art in itself. But I also wanted to have faces for the main characters to give the whole series a bit more. -- Stan "stankarp" Karpinski


      When I heard the first sounds that were piped into the picture, shivers went down my spine. Then I realized that this was it. It was happening -- Episode 101 -- and now that it's been shot, even more fun is yet to come. -- "DarkCloud"

      Thrill in the [original] pilot as DanQ voices all the characters. Marvel at his vocal range. Then realize that this circumstance will, for better or worse, change in future episodes as other Apolytoners get involved in the project and lend their voices to the fun! -- "DarkCloud"


      Any person who would like to appear can send me a couple of 5-10 second AVI clips taken with a camcorder or digital camera. Featuring head and upper torso, one speaking and moving head a little, one just looking around preferably with a neutral back ground (sky, hills, trees) or even... a flat white curtain or blind.

      [T]hey may have 5 minutes of fame. I have already taxed friends and relatives quite a bit. -- Stan "stankarp" Karpinski

      No peeking at future storylines! -- Gordon "Illuminatus" Smith

    'Age of Nations' Animated Episodic Dramatic Dossiers      « Characters | Comments | Documentation »    «« About | Guide | Team | Home »»  
       Season 1 Overview (December 21st, 2006) [347KB]   |    Press Release (December 21st, 2005) [120KB]

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